Hazara Express Train Timing Multan to Karachi

The Hazara Express train serves the route from Multan to Karachi with specific timings for each stop. Below are the detailed schedules for Hazara Express Train Timing Multan to Karachi:

hazara express train timing multan to karachi

From Multan to Karachi Hazara Express Train Timing:

Departure begins from Multan Cant at 12:55 AM.

Stops at various stations including Shujabad, Lodhran Jn, Bahawalpur, among others.

It finally arrives at Karachi City at 1:10 PM.

From Karachi to Multan Hazara Express Train Timing:

Departs from Karachi City at 7:35 AM.

Halts at stations like Drig Road, Hyderabad Jn, Khanewal Jn, and others.

Reaches Multan Cant at 1:25 AM.

The Hazara Express journey covers significant cities such as Bahawalpur, Rahim Yar Khan, Shujabad, Multan, and others along its route from Multan to Karachi. It offers a convenient option for travelers, taking approximately 13 hours and 35 minutes for the journey.

FAQs on Hazara Express Train Timing Multan to Karachi:

No, the Hazara Express offers only Economy class seats for passengers traveling between Multan and Karachi.

The Hazara Express operates daily, providing a consistent service for commuters traveling between Multan and Karachi.

Yes, Pakistan Railways provides an online booking platform where passengers can conveniently purchase tickets for the Hazara Express journey from Multan to Karachi.